Does your car run just fine but its interior is leaving something to be desired?
Rips, stains and fading can cause your car’s upholstery to look bland. Before taking out a loan to buy a new car, consider giving the inside of your car a fresh, new look for a fraction of the price.

Having a professional auto upholsterer reupholster your car can fix rips, tears or stains. You can even reupholster your entire vehicle to give it a new look, such as switching from cloth to leather seats or finding a reputable upholsterer is key.

“It’s just like any trade,” says Mike Zalewski, owner of highly rated Young’s Upholstery in Norfolk, Virginia. “You expect to get a job that reflects the fact that we do this for a living. We make sure your seat looks right, your carpet looks right and your headliner doesn’t come down.”


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