What Does Your Vehicle Heating and Ventilation System Do?
Your car’s heating system functions to keep you warm and comfortable during the cold months. It also works to clear your windshield of ice and fog. The heating system is made up of these parts: Radiator, Hoses, Blower fan, Thermostat Control panel, and Heater core.

The heating system functions by heating the coolant in your vehicle and circulating it throughout the engine. The heat from the coolant is removed and sent to the radiator. Then it is passed to the heater core where a blower fan distributes the warm air through your vents. You regulate the temperature and airflow by using the control panel in the cabin of your car. When it’s cold outside, the heating system keeps you warm, but it also helps with clearing the windows and windshield of ice, snow, or fog. As well as these important functions, it also regulates the temperature of your engine under the hood to keep your car from overheating.

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