One of the big pains in the neck about owning a car is having to re-register each and every year (depending on your state, you’ll renew either annually or biennially through the state’s Registry of Motor Vehicles). A big part of that is taking your car in for a mandatory vehicle inspection. Although not required in every state, it’s important. Its purpose isn’t just another hoop to jump through. It’s intended to be a way for the DMV to ensure that your car is safe to be on the road. If you’re interested in saving a few dollars, here’s an idea: do a quick safety inspection of your vehicle yourself and make any necessary repairs before you take it in to your local mechanic for the official car inspection.

Here’s What Mechanics are Required to Look At – and Verify There Aren’t Problems With – During a Car Inspection:

  • Windshield
  • Condition of Your Tires
  • Light Functionality
  • Brake Performance
  • Steering and Alignment
  • Seat Belt Functionality
  • Fluid Leaks

Remember that vehicle inspections are there to make sure that our cars don’t fall apart as we’re driving down the street, putting ourselves or other people in jeopardy. So, take your safety inspection as seriously as you’d want other drivers to take theirs.

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