Shock absorbers play a vital role in the safety of your car. They improve handling, braking and control. Don’t discover your shock absorbers are worn, by accident.

Shock absorbers control the contact between your car’s wheels and the road surface. They balance and stabilize your car so it is safer and more comfortable to drive. Shock absorbers use 2 damping forces which act together to prevent wheels lifting and to balance and stabilize the car body to provide a firm grip on the road.

Like many components on a car shock absorbers wear out.
Every 20,000km a shock absorber can perform 15-20 million cycles of movement. As such leading suspension companies like Fulcrum Suspension suggest you have your shock absorbers checked professionally at least every 40,000 km.

With your car parked safely, push down firmly on the boot, the vehicle should bounce back and settle in place after one bounce. Repeat this test several times at the boot and then test the front suspension by pushing several times on the bonnet. If the vehicle continues to rock several times; like this it is a good sign the shock absorbers have worn.

Do not discover your shock absorbers are worn by accident. If in any doubt talk to your local suspension expert.

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