We are prepared to take extra measures to protect our clients during the epidemic. If you have concerns please relate those to us that we may accommodate your needs. We do provide masks, if you require one, sanitize keys, use gloves and can provide a contact less service.

Since 1987 Best Motor Werks has been in business in order to provide an independent alternative to local dealer service on BMW products. Our goal is to offer BMW & MINI service & repair with a passion that rivals the enthusiasm that is shared among the owner’s of these Ultimate Driving Machines.  

We have accomplished personnel on our team with over 90 years of combined experience to provide an unparalleled service experience for your BMW or MINI Cooper. Our approach to performing service: 

  • utilizes a collection of documentation, diagnostic equipment, and special tools in order to repair your vehicle to O.E. standards.
  • mandates the use of manufacturer parts, lubricants, operating fluids, and shop supplies that satisfy or exceed OEM requirements and long term reliability.
  • provides a three year or 36,000 mile local warranty for most repairs.
  • provides a diagnosis/courtesy check that is more thorough than many shops can even offer.
  • costs that are competitive among OEM quality service centers.
  • puts you in the hands of a skilled & friendly staff, especially the service writer, who provides options, explanations and recommendations that serve your particular needs in regards to maintaining & repairing your vehicle.


Way back to 1978 I, John Best, opened my first shop on E. Main St. in Whitehall with the help of a business partner, who, at the time owned European Auto parts. The focus was on imports, mostly sports cars, of European origin and was named Foreign Auto Car. As time passed & shop locations came and went, by 1985 John worked as a technician with Der Wagen Haus at Country Club & Main in Whitehall. Having become acquainted with repairing numerous BMWs by this time, it became evident that there were clear advantages of the BMW offering in the automobile realm. The brand was and is rightly known as the Ultimate Driving Machine with the ability to drive much more like an exotic car than much of the competition. There is a reason most other performance cars compare themselves to BMW. By 1987 John opened up his own shop (Foreign Auto-Car) again with the intent to focus on BMW service & repair. In 1999 the name of Best Motor Werks was adopted in order to better associate clients to this facility as a specialty shop for their BMW (as well as a little artistic flair). The long story involves the intent for the listing to place in the yellow pages (for those who are old enough to remember that large book) where potential clients would look for BMW repair shops. In 2002 Anson came on as a technician who is recognized for building a Durocco in his garage in Whitehall. This is a VW Scirocco equipped with two power plants, front & rear engines and transmissions synchronized together. His talents as a technician have only improved in over two decades, especially since he no longer works on VWs. Up until 2007 we worked on a variety of mostly European import brands. By that time we adopted MINI Cooper and dropped all other car brands to focus on our collective passion for…BMWs! We have recently replaced our second technician to our staff. His name is Ray and he is factory trained with over 10 years of experience. Our service writer, Jeff, is energetic, knowledgeable and polite has been in this business for over 40 years. He and I are well acquainted, rubbing shoulders for those 40 years. It is a privilege to have a staff member with his experience. He is a premier service writer who came to us from Byer’s Porsche and is a fan of BMWs. We also maintain a well stocked parts department, which is run by my daughter, Danielle. She has been a major asset to the day to day operations for over 10 years.