Apart from Diagnosis we offer a variety of inspections of vehicles as required for specific situations.

  • Pre-purchase
  • Post-purchase 
  • Winterization
  • Spring, seasonal car 
  • Trip-check
  • Track inspection
  • Courtesy check

Customers may request inspection of a vehicle for one of several reasons. If there is a used BMW or MINI Cooper to purchase, we highly recommend having it thoroughly inspected and checked for problems. The rule of Buyer Beware is very true when purchasing any used car, especially a European one. We call this a Pre-purchase inspection. This type of inspection is the most thorough one we offer. It includes a test drive, outer body inspection, under-body inspection, mechanical check, leak(s) check and retrieval of codes stored in the DME (engine computer). We examine the car extensively, note the problem areas & write estimates to repair as needed. We also give advice regarding obtaining service history for a more confident purchase. A Post-purchase inspection would be the same service in the event the vehicle is already owned. We often times will perform this inspection as we establish our relationship with the current owner.

Winterization is, of course, done as the cold weather sets in to verify that the vehicle is ready for below freezing temperatures and appears to be safe for icy & snowy streets.

Spring time is when we see many roadsters & seasonal fun cars brought out during favorable climate conditions.

Trip checks are done to verify that the vehicle appears to be ready for a road trip over hundreds or thousands of miles.

In the case of the occasional BMW or MINI Cooper that enjoys time on a race track, we are able to perform the required checklist for the event. 

Our Courtesy check is normally performed as an add on to a paid-for visit to round out our recommendations for upcoming maintenance. If the Due for service indicator is on we normally do not charge to determine the maintenance items that are coming due.