Before any repairs are accomplished we intend to run our full diagnosis & courtesy check. Armed with the resulting data helps us to determine specific repair needs before contracting with the customer. As technically complicated as BMW products are, it is mandatory to be well educated on the systems employed. Here is what separates Best Motor Werks from much of the other shops that attempt to repair these cars. Experience and resources like we have achieved allows us to deliver the value you want for your fine vehicle.

The courtesy check provides a view of other potential repair needs so that the customer can be prepared for additional upcoming repair costs. In extreme examples older and/or high mileage BMW/MINIs may require a volume of work that calls into question just how many repairs are worthwhile. If you value your older high mileage car, we are here to walk you through the mechanical restoration process and help you to be confident of our recommendations.

We will not use the space here to enumerate all the potential repair ares on the BMW and MINI Cooper products, yet it is worth mentioning some of the more popular areas of service. 

  • Oil leaks  & coolant leaks are quite common at about 30% of the repair requests as these vehicles get beyond 60K-miles. While oil leaks are important to address, coolant leaks must be corrected immediately. An overheating BMW or MINI can suffer serious damage to the engine.
  • Engine mechanical & management failures account for at least 25% of the repair requests. SES (service engine soon) and associated engine failure icons should not be taken lightly. BMW engines are engineered for a high power output with reasonable economy. The intense complexity of these engines comes with a surprising reliability as one of the last components to fail severely is the engine, in most cases. The V8s, as a rule, can be somewhat needier, yet are known for rewarding performance.       
  • Drive line failures involving transmission, driveshafts, transfer cases for 4 wheel drive (X Drive), axle shafts, differentials, wheel bearings and brakes account for about 25% of repair requests. 
  • Electrical, electronic, coding & programming account for some 15% of the repair requests. We are well equipped to perform these types of services with our equipment and personnel.