In our effort to be as thorough as possible, before we attempt to repair any vehicle, we perform a comprehensive diagnosis and inspection.  This provides us with valuable information required to quote & authorize needed repair & servicing. We focus on any complaints or problems as well as safety and maintenance. Apart from quoting all needed repairs and services we also give the owner a forecast of upcoming concerns/issues. In the case of  vehicles with high miles or over 10 years old, our goal is to assist the owner to keep their prized possession in service for as long as practically possible.

When a vehicle arrives for service or repair there are a number of common complaints that we see requiring attention:

  • Service due or required indication on
  • Drive moderately message
  • Service Engine (soon) lamp is on without symptoms
  • Service Engine lamp is on with symptom(s)
  • Coolant low warning on
  • Engine oil low warning on
  • Airbag warning on
  • 4X4, Traction Control symbol or Transmission Control symbol indicators on
  • Smoke coming from under the hood
  • Evidence of oil, coolant or transmission fluid leaking onto the ground
  • Brake warning on
  • Brake squeal or grinding
  • Steering wheel shakes at times when driving or stopping
  • Noise coming from suspension at times
  • Tire Pressure Monitor warning lamp on
  • Bulb out message

Diagnosis may require test driving, a second person to assist for observation, cleaning, lifting the vehicle in order to test components for fluid leaks, looseness or wear & tear, electronic code retrieval, data extraction, intake system smoke test for vacuum leaks, pressure test cooling system or simply the observation by an experienced BMW mechanic. You can be confident that the cost of Diagnosis is worth every penny charged in order to provide a thorough assessment ahead of the repair that your BMW or MINI Cooper needs. We at Best Motor Werks do not replace parts in order to guess at the source of a problem.